As a teacher and pedagogue, Sita is knowledgable, sensitive, intuitive, and knows when to push or pull back the student, thus allowing the aerial student to build strength and courage safely.

~Judith FLEX Master Aerial coach and choreographer


She encourages us  to achieve our own personal best and to grow as individual students in a very safe and precise teaching environment.

~A happy student


I’ve had the privilege to watch Sita in her trainings…where her wonder for other performances mixes with her own creativity and she works tirelessly and excitedly on creating.

~Julie Mills, aerial student


Sita is a mesmerizing, hypnotic, elite and unparalleled performer on aerial hoop, trapeze, and other aerial apparatuses. She is music, she is power, she is soul.

~Judith FLEX Helle, director, Luminario Ballet of Los Angeles


Her natural abilities unite grace with strength which takes to you to a romantic place all of your own.

- Julie Mills, aerial student

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