How long have you been performing?    
I’ve been performing for over 16 years.

How long have you been teaching?    
I have been a teacher for 6 years

How long have you been choreographing?
I have been choreographing dance for 12 years.

What kinds of apparatuses do you use?  
I regularly use aerial hoop,  fabric, trapeze (single/double), hammock, as well as rope, bungee, harness work, and various others such as cube and hexagon. I’m always up to learn new tricks on a new apparatus!

Do you do group performances?    
Absolutely! I love group performances and work well with others. I am also happy to choreograph group performances.

What are your rates?    
Please contact me directly at Sita@aerialsita.com as rates vary immensely depending on what you are looking for.

Is aerial dancing dangerous?      
Every aerial act has some element of danger. However everything I do is conducted with utmost precision and practice. I do not perform any move that I am not %100 confident in.

How much space do you need to perform?    
18 ft of height is the minimun for silk performances, although more is preferable. Static trapeze and lyra do not need more than 18ft. For all performances I require a 5 ft diameter around the performance area.

How far in advance do you need to be booked?  
1 month is preferable- but that can be negotiated. My schedule varies greatly, so it is always better to book in advance!

Can you do outdoor shows?  
Yes, absolutely, but I may require specialized equipment. Please feel free to inquire.

Can you do indoor shows?    
Yes, but please see my height restrictions above for aerial performances. 

Do you have insurance for shows?    
Yes,  I am a professional and fully insured. Please contact me directly with specific questions at sita@aerialsita.com

Do you have insurance for teaching?    
Yes, I am also insured as a teacher, but I always recommend my students have their own medical insurance as well. 

Do you perform with a crash pad?   
Not regularly, but can upon request. 

Do you do fire shows?    
No, I do not do fire shows, but I have contacts who do and am more than happy to make you a recommendation! 

Do you teach children and/or beginners?    
Yes, I love introducing the art to beginners. Please contact me to inquire about teaching at sita@aerialsita.com

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