“The first time I climbed an aerial fabric it just felt right. It was meant to be! Aerial was combining dance with power and strength, and that was ME. I never considered it would be a career- it just happened. I just knew I had to do these things, and the rest fell into place. The true is the same with my dancing. I only danced because I had to – it was not a career choice- dance chose me.”


Sita Acevedo is a passionate and gifted aerial dance performer, teacher and choreographer. Growing up in Los Angeles and surrounded by artists, her inspiration to be a performer began young. She began attending the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts to study art and photography, but quickly switched her focus to dance. She graduated in 1999 with a BFA in modern dance performance from Cal State University Long Beach.

In 1998 Sita joined the renowned hyper physical dance troupe DIAVOLO, an internationally acclaimed company of “daredevil dancers” that combine dance and acrobatics with enormous and interactive stage props. She toured with them for five years, all the while learning more and more about progressive acrobatic dance. She acted as rehearsal director for the troupe, and was part of the original team for many of the company’s dance works.

From 2003-2009 Sita was a performer and part of the creative team for the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil in conjunction with the production KA. KA was a unique production for Cirque de Soleil because it was the first time more emphasis had been placed on storytelling in addition to cutting edge martial arts and acrobatics. This was a unique project for Sita, in that she was able to work with many different world-class artists including costume, lighting and set designers, pupeteers, choreographers and directors; while living and training in Montreal, Quebec for 6 months. She was a collaborative artist for 4 of the shows main acts. After 6 years working in this immense production, she moved on to pursue her own choreography.

She left the company and now works as a freelance aerialist, teacher and choreographer in LA. She teaches privately, as well as places such as Hollywood Aerial Arts, Metamorphosis, Dance Dimensions, Focus Fish, and TSNY.  She regularly performs in theatrical productions, as well as film and television. She can be seen in the air in the film Water for Elephants. She has performed with well known companies and venues as Zen Arts, Bella Circo, E Plus Ent, A-Max Ent, Way2Much Ent, Luminario Ballet, and Cirque Berzerk.

When Sita is not training, teaching or performing, she will be baking, making homemade candles and lip balm, or volunteering at the local animal shelter. She also loves camping, hiking, and of course… climbing on trees.

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